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Package Contents: 2 Sweatshirt and 2 T-Shirt


Sweat shirts –

Stylish sweatshirts with hood – Brown & Blue

Dual shade (inner material of hood)

Zipper: Yes

2 front pockets for design

Comfort wear


T-shirts –

 2 T-shirts in attractive Red & Yellow colour

Dual shade – Yellow (front) + Grey (Back); Red (front) + Black (back)

FIT: Slim

Wash: Normal/Machine

Material: Polyfleece



Product Benefits -

1) Made From Polyfleece (Polyester Based) Material

2) Plain and solid body coloured, these are super soft and warm to wear

3) Solid design of Sweatshirt, Hooded neck

4) Sweatshirt is full sleeve

5) Long Sleeve, hooded are some of the features

6) Two front Pockets are provided to stuff your hands in and keep them warm

7) Brushed fleece for comfortable warmth

8) The fit of these sweatshirt is not tight or very loose, but comfortable as expected by you

9) Classic and smart colours

10) Sweatshirt can be paired with casual trouser or jeans

11) As these colours are very popular and smart at the same time

12) Wear these with blue jeans for a casual outing or with your track pants for your jogging sessions.