Jolen Beauty Combo
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Item Details:

Package Content:

1.       Gold Facial Kit: 1 Pc

2.       Silver Facial Kit: 1 Pc

3.       Sea Pearl Facial Kit: 1 Pc

4.       Whitening Facial Kit: 1 Pc

5.       Bleach Creme: 1 Pc

6.       Bleach Gold: 1 Pc

7.       Bleach Aloevera: 1 Pc

8.       Bleach Oxy: 1 Pc

9.       Papaya Cleansing Gel: 1 Pc

10.   Papaya Scrub: 1 Pc

11.   Fairness Cream: 1 Pc

12.   Papaya Face Pack: 1 Pc

13.   Papaya Scrub: 1 Pc

Warranty: 3 Year Shelf Life


Product Feature:


1.       Facial Kit Details

•             Royal Gold Facial Kit - Gold Exfoliating Cleanser- The cleansing agents removes deep sited dirt, oil and exfoliating agents peel the dead cell with mild exfoliating action which promotes high penetration of herbal extract to have younger radiant skin.

•             Gold Gel Activator- This unique formulation contains 24 k pure gold leaves which encourage cell turnover and maintains the skin's elasticity, loads with benefits of vitamin c, red algae which synergistically works against stressed skin.

•             Gold Massage Cream- This nourishing cream improves blood circulation , provide essential elements to increase cell turnover , moisture content to replenishes and restore radiance to have long lasting metallic look to skin and rejuvenating youthful experience.

•             Gold Masque- Skin brightening masque contains natural extracts with skin brightening properties, reserve the oxidation damage to have gold like radiant and ageless look.

•             Gold Serum- It works with the benefits of total hydration, nourishment, instant glow with anti-wrinkle property, use it as daily care product for total benefits, gives glowing smooth and younger looking skin


2.       Real Silver Facial Kit

•             Silver Exfoliating Cleanser- Blending combination of aloe vera, rose extract and bamboo extract promotes removal of dirt, oil, impurities, pollution. Silver also helps to kill germs from the external layer of skin which are accumulated due to day to day life.

•             Silver Massage Cream- Creamy less oily massage cream ideal for all type contains blend of emollients and silver dust, which Promotes healthy, hydrated, younger looking skin.

•             Silver Gel Activator- This formulation activate the cell with the electric field formed by silver to promote healthy looking skin, it reduces the visible sign of ageing, vanishes wrinkles gradually and protect collagen in the skin.

•             Silver Face Pack- This clay based face pack helps to absorb all the pollution from deeper layer of skin, exhibit anti-microbial action of silver to prevent skin blemishes, gives smooth, glowing, fresh, pollution free skin.

•             Silver Serum- Blended ingredients gives smooth, shiny, glowing, fresh look face


3.       Perfect Whitening Facial Kit

•             Whitening Cleansing Gel- 100% soap free wash is an ideal cleanser helps in deep cleansing impurities from the epidermal skin layer. The non-soapy nature helps in restoring the natural moisture & pH balance of the skin, Gives glow and skin whitening effect.

•             Whitening Cleansing Scrub- This cream based Whitening scrub formulated with natural scrubbing agents helps in gentle removing of blackheads and dead skin loaded with benefits of natural extract and nourishing oil gives instant glowing effect.

•             Whitening Massage Cream- Massaging with this cream increasing the blood circulation with the penetration of skin whitening agent which gives lasting fairness, smooth tone, shiny texture and youthful glowing skin, ideal for all skin type.

•             Whitening Face Pack- Whitening Pack is a moisturizing face pack which improves the skin texture, boosts the skin renewal and hydration. Soften the skin with added oil which makes shine & lustre to the skin. With the Anti-Aging benefit.

•             Whitening Face Serum-It works with the benefits of total hydration, nourishment, instant glow with Anti-Wrinkle property. Use it as daily care product for total benefit. Gives glowing, smooth and younger skin


4.       Sea Pearl Facial Kit

•             Pearl Exfoliating Cleanser- A soft textured cleanser containing bamboo extract which cleanses and removes dry, dull and damaged skin, micro particles exfoliate dead cells and provide pearly glow

•             Pearl Massage cream- An ultra-luxurious massage cream enriched with goodness of pearl dust with moisturizing extracts, it rejuvenates dull and dehydrated skin.

•             Pearl Gel Activator- The Jelly Appearance Activator Loaded With Sea Pearl Extract, Which Makes The Skin as Radiant as Its Surface, It Helps to Control Melanin Production and Gives Whiter and Brighter Skin.

•             Pearl Face Pack- A unique combination of ingredients to give luminosity to skin from deeper layer and smooth finish from outside.

•             Pearl Face Serum- This radiant ageless serum provides you glowing, wrinkle free, smooth textured skin



•             Facial Kit: 50 g each

•             Bleach: 35 g each

•             Papaya Cleansing Gel: 250 ml

•             Papaya Scrub: 200 ml

•             Fairness Cream: 50 g

•             Papaya Face Pack: 50 g

•             Papaya Scrub: 50 g


Additional Features:

•             Aloe Vera Creme Bleach- Makes the skin smooth, glowing & reduces pigmentation intensity.

•             Gold Creme Bleach- The new Jolen Gold Cream Bleach gives you the immense pleasure of real Golden shine on your skin as it contains real gold particles extracted from pure Gold dust.

•             Oxy Bleach- Oxy Cream Bleach is a unique formulated bleach that infuses active oxygen in to the skin. This unique formulated help to wipe all the sun tan & dead skin cells, reduce hyper pigmentation & gives flawless fair skin.

•             Jolen Cream Bleach- Cream bleach is the world's first facial cream bleach, from USA It is suitable for all types of skin.

•             Papaya Face Cleansing Gel- This soap free formula helps in skin whitening and skin firming.

•             Fairness Cream- Fairness Cream with vitamin-E makes the skin fairer with regular & daily use of it. It makes skin fairer with 3 ways (a) makes skin even tone (b) lightens the skin tone, ( c ) protect skin from UVA & UVB rays. It keeps away pollution & dust.

•             Papaya Face Pack- it is a therapy to renew your skin cells. It helps in skin tightening and gives you an improved complexion.

•             Jolen Papaya Scrub- it exfoliates dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and deep cleanses the skin


Customer Care Details:

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